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The ATO is moving towards paperless BAS lodgements.


AUSkey Registrations:


If you are currently using paper for your BAS’s and would like to start lodging them online you can register for an AUSkey.

An AUSkey is a secure login that identifies you and your business allowing you to access the ATO Business Portal, making it a simple and easy way to provide information to the government.


Each person in your business will need their own AUSkey if they wish to login to the Business Portal on behalf of the business. You can have unlimited AUSkeys for the one ABN.


The first AUSkey registered for your business will automatically be the Administrator AUSkey. It allows management of all the linked AUSkeys to the ABN.


Obtaining an AUSkey is free, just go to the website:


Then click on “Register for an AUSkey” at the bottom of the page.


First registration you will need-

  • the up to date ABN for the business

  • your full legal name

  • date of birth

  • personal tax file number

  • your current email address


Register additional standard AUSkeys-

  • your Administrator AUSkey user's email

  • users full legal name

  • email address the user only has access to


After submitting an application for either AUSkey an activation code and reference number will come up on the screen. You need to keep a record of these.


For an Administrator AUSkey an email will be sent to you with the instructions on how to setup your AUSkey.


If submitting an additional AUSkey an email will be sent to the Administrators email address first for approval, then an email will be sent to the user with the setup instructions.



If you have any questions or require assistance just give us a call we are more than happy to help you out!

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